Use it or Lose it - How We Can Help!

by  Christine Woolstenhulme, QCC, QMCS, CPC, CMRS
April 12th, 2018

If you don’t use the correct information or document the proper information then submit a medical claim, you may lose! You may lose reimbursement, could be excluded from participating in Federal Health Care programs, and you could possibly lose your license and family time. The government has every tool they need, you should too!

You have the option to use a reputable source where our main focus is ensuring you have access to whatever it takes to be successful in your healthcare business.

Use Find-A-Code so You Don’t Lose Anything!   

Find-A-Code is the pinnacle of online coding resources. Look up medical codes, research, and keep up with the latest trends, information, and rules. Find-A-Code offers assistance for everyone in the medical community, from students to government payers and auditors. Find-A-Code's resources support a multidisciplinary staff, such as a specialty provider’s staff, coders, billers, auditors, payers, Risk Managers, and researchers. We also have laboratory test and drug information from the Wolters Kluwer Drug Database.

Students: Learn coding and billing with dictionaries, anatomy, terms, and rules.

Practice Managers: A proficient Practice Manager will have access to fees and tools to compare them, Commercial Payer Policies, information on patient responsibility, rules and guidelines, checklists, calculators, Groupers, and NPI and NCD look-up tools.

Coders and Billers: Ensure compliance and correct coding and billing with the CMS-1500 guide, code crosswalks, NCCI edits, validating tools, Claim Scrubs, rules, guidelines, diagnostic coding instructions, and notes. You also have access to LCDs and NCD information according to location, Plain English Descriptions, drug information, DME look-up, and Professional, Facility, and Hospital RVUs and indicators, not to mention 1000s of coding tips and articles.

Providers: At your fingertips are the Wolters Kluwer Drug Database, Medical Lab Tests offering clinical relevance, medical necessity, and testing indication. Learn compliance rules and documentation requirements impacting physicians, non-physician practitioners, Durable Medical Equipment suppliers, Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitals, and outpatient providers and use our tools to research and understand protocols necessary for compliance with encounters, written orders, and more.

Payers and Auditors: Work efficiently with the APC Pricing Calculator, DRG Calculator, ASC Payment Calculator, RVUs, Risk Adjustment Batch Scoring, Decision Health and CPT Assistant articles. Group and calculate using tools for Facility, Outpatient, and ASC reimbursement. Easily search through Medicare Rules, AMA Guidelines, ICD-10-CM and PCS guidelines and use our robust researching tools for Risk Management professionals. 

Use it or Lose it - How We Can Help!. (2018, April 12). Find-A-Code Articles. Retrieved from

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