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by  Aimee Wilcox, CPMA, CCS-P, CST, MA, MT
March 24th, 2020

Do you still find yourself searching the internet for an ICD-10 code? Medical coders often type, "what is the ICD-10 code for...," along with a specific diagnosis, into their search engine to avoid repeatedly dragging out the cumbersome ICD-10 codebook. Ironically, some of the most commonly searched ICD-10 diagnoses include: 

Even with the invention of encoding programs, the code search often begins with a search engine. Why are coders not using the tools they have available in their encoder? Coders will often search using these terms to locate a starting point code they can quickly enter into the encoder to get to the actual code more quickly than the encoder search tools are able to. It is important to note, however, that for the sake of time, pressure, and their given workload a coder may choose to rely on the internet code search result as the correct code for the claim. This method of code search is often incorrect and comes with a serious risk of inaccuracy and potential fraud as these results are often for "unspecified" codes or for the ICD-10 code result most often found and clicked on rather than the ICD-10 code that actually reflects the patient's documentation.

We all know time is money and the faster we can code a claim and kick it to the payer the more likely we are to impress our boss, get that promotion, or simply keep our job - but at what risk? 

With multiple, amazing search tools, Find-A-Code makes it easy to search once and locate the correct code that matches the documentation every time: 

Every code in Find-A-Code is hyperlinked to its own content page, which means wherever you are in your search process you can see the code page with all of the details about that code by simply clicking on it. Additionally, each search includes a book view (a little red book at the top that, when you click on it, opens to show you all of the codes surrounding the one you are currently looking at), which ensures you have the correct code. Not sure if a better one exists nearby? Simply scroll up or down within the book view to see the codes nearby. 

Take the time to perform a code search correctly and do it without breaking the bank. Subscriptions to Find-A-Code are very reasonably priced and the amount of information and money saved in time and resources by using Find-A-Code more than pays for the service each month. If you are interested in a FREE DEMO and pricing, please contact us today. Part of a large group? Contact us to discuss a large group discount option. 

Already a Find-A-Code subscriber? Then hopefully these great search options are something you will check out today. Also, with the new website layout you can now bookmark the tools and pages you love most for quicker access.

Need help setting them up? Please contact one of our Customer Success Managers for assistance at support@findacode.com or by phone at (801) 770-4203 (9-5 Mountain). You can simply go to findacode.com and click on LIVE CHAT for online support or PRICING for details about our subscription plans. 

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