ABC Code Set

N - Nursing and communication interventions

section notes

NA - Nursing interventions

section notes

NAC - Nurse or staff patient assistance

section notes
NACBI Feeding care each meal
NACBJ Hyperpyrexia care each occurrence
NACBK Foot care each 5 minutes
NACBL Oral health maintenance each occurrence
NACBM Allergic reaction care each treatment
NACBN Nonmechanical ventilation training each 15 minutes
NACBO Ambulation assistance each 10 minutes
NACBS Mobility assistance each 10 minutes
NACBZ Sexual assault physical injury assessment initial 60 minutes
NACCA Sexual assault physical injury assessment each additional 15 minutes
NACCC Sexual assault infection assessment initial 30 minutes
NACCD Sexual assault infection assessment each additional 30 minutes
NACCH Sleep pattern assessment each 24 hours
NACCJ Terminal illness care each 30 minutes
NACCK Hospice care initial 60 minutes
NACCL Hospice care each additional 60 minutes
NACCM Funeral arrangement assistance each 15 minutes
NACCQ Oxygen therapy training each 5 minutes
NACCS Denture care each 5 minutes
NACCT Skin breakdown assessment each 10 minutes
NACCU Wound dressing change each 10 minutes
NACCV Dialysis assessment each report
NACCW Bed making occupied each 15 minutes
NACCX Bed making unoccupied each 15 minutes
NACCY Meal service each 15 minutes
NACCZ Nourishment documentation each report
NACDB Prescribed activity and/or exercise assistance each 10 minutes
NACDC Hearing deficit communication enhancement each 15 minutes
NACDD Speech deficit communication enhancement each 15 minutes
NACDE Visual deficit communication enhancement each 15 minutes
NACDF Eye care each 5 minutes
NACDG Organ donation assistance each 15 minutes
NACDH Patient positioning each 5 minutes
NACDI Deceased patient care initial 60 minutes
NACDJ Deceased patient care each additional 15 minutes
NACDK Caregiver presence each 15 minutes
NACDM Short-term care relief each 60 minutes
NACDN Self-care aid each 15 minutes
NACDO Feeding assistance each 15 minutes
NACDP Toileting assistance each 5 minutes
NACDS Patient cue monitoring each 15 minutes
NACDT Voiding support each 10 minutes
NACDU Ear care each 5 minutes
NACDW Decision assistance individual each 15 minutes
NACDX Decision assistance family each 15 minutes
NACDY Acceptable behavior management each 15 minutes
NACDZ Wound dressing preparation each 5 minutes
NACEC Bowel care each 15 minutes
NACED Dementia care each 15 minutes
NACEE Heat stress treatment each 15 minutes
NACEF Hygiene assistance each 15 minutes
NACEH Nausea care each 15 minutes
NACEI Transportation each 15 minutes
NACZZ Unlisted nurse or staff patient assistance
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