ABC Code Set

N - Nursing and communication interventions

section notes

NA - Nursing interventions

section notes

NAE - Nurse assessments

section notes
NAEBT Invasive hemodynamic monitoring per assessment
NAEBU Fluid monitoring each assessment
NAEBV Intake and/or output monitoring each 5 minutes
NAEBW Bereavement support assessment each report
NAEBX Cardiac rehabilitation assessment each 15 minutes
NAEBZ Ambulation assessment each 10 minutes
NAECA Location transfer assessment each 15 minutes
NAECC Rehabilitation assessment each 15 minutes
NAECD Exercise therapy assessment each 15 minutes
NAECE Ostomy irrigation assessment each 5 minutes
NAECF Cardiac care assessment each 15 minutes
NAECG Pacemaker monitoring each assessment
NAECH Terminal illness care assessment each 15 minutes
NAECI Hospice care each assessment
NAECJ Nursing care coordination each 5 minutes
NAECK Insulin injection each assessment
NAECL Medication side effects each assessment
NAECM Allergic reaction assessment each 15 minutes
NAECN Diabetic assessment each 15 minutes
NAECO Feeding assessment each 15 minutes
NAECP Physical health status assessment each 15 minutes
NAECQ General health status assessment each 10 minutes
NAECR Oxygen therapy assessment each report
NAECS Home environment assessment each report
NAECT Interpersonal dynamics assessment
NAECU Abuse assessment each report
NAECV Equipment safety assessment each 5 minutes
NAECW Personal care assessment each 5 minutes
NAECX Simple activities of daily living assessment each 10 minutes
NAECY Complex activities of daily living assessment each 10 minutes
NAECZ Behavioral health status each 15 report
NAEDA Pain level assessment each 5 minutes
NAEDB Edema assessment each 5 minutes
NAEDC Wound care assessment each 15 minutes
NAEDD Care compliance assessment each report
NAEDE Wheelchair monitoring each 15 minutes
NAEDF Nursing care quality monitoring each 15 minutes
NAEDG Lower extremity monitoring each 5 minutes
NAEDH Skin monitoring each report
NAEZZ Unlisted patient assessment service
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