ABC Code Set

A - Clinical practice management

section notes

AD - Other practice management services

section notes

ADB - Extended services

section notes
ADBAA After-hours care until 10 pm each 60 minutes
ADBAB After-hours care between 10 pm and 8 am each 60 minutes
ADBAC Sunday and/or holiday care each 60 minutes
ADBAD Client-related travel each 15 minutes
ADBAE Foreign language interpretation face-to-face 15 minutes
ADBAF Foreign language interpretation by phone or other device each 15 minutes
ADBAG Sign language interpretation each 15 minutes
ADBAH Patient medical interpretation face-to-face each 15 minutes
ADBAI Patient escort each 15 minutes
ADBAJ Patient transport each 15 minutes
ADBZZ Undefined extended service narrative required
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