ABC Code Set

A - Clinical practice management

section notes

AD - Other practice management services

section notes

ADD - Analysis and/or documentation services

section notes
ADDAA Analysis and interpretation of computer data per report
ADDAB Analysis and interpretation of laboratory findings per report
ADDAC Analysis and interpretation of radiological films per report
ADDAD Documentation no charge
ADDAE Patient satisfaction survey tracking no charge
ADDAF Tracking of client/patient alternate care choice no charge
ADDAG Analysis and documentation of patient data each 15 minutes
ADDAH Radiographic biomechanical report one region each report
ADDAI Radiographic biomechanical report two or more regions each report
ADDAJ Biomechanical functional pathology report one region each report
ADDAK Biomechanical functional pathology report two regions each report
ADDAL Biomechanical functional pathology report three regions each report
ADDAM Thermographic interpretation narrative required
ADDAN Recommended/prescribed medication review each non-facility report
ADDAO Recommended/prescribed medication review each in-facility report
ADDAP Digital radiology analysis one region each report
ADDAQ Digital radiology analysis two or more regions each report
ADDAR Informed consent documentation no charge
ADDAS Metabolic interaction review each report
ADDZZ Other interpretive services narrative required
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