ABC Code Set

B - Multi-specialty therapies

section notes

BA - Physical therapies

section notes

BAB - Electrical or magnetic therapies

section notes
BABAC   Microelectric current each 15 minutes
BABAD   Transcutaneous electrical neuro stimulation each 15 minutes
BABAE   Magnet therapy each 15 minutes
BABAF   Interferential current each 10 minutes
BABAI   Sine wave current each 10 minutes
BABAL   Iontophoresis each 20 minutes
BABAN   Ultrasonic diathermy each 10 minutes
BABAP   Microwave diathermy each 10 minutes
BABAQ   Erchonia Energy Balancer EB-305™ each 23 minutes
BABAR   Erchonia Variable Adjustor VA™ each 15 minutes
BABAS   Magnetic Molecular Energizer™ therapy each 60 minutes
BABAT   Electro-acuscope each treatment
BABAU   Frequency Specific Microcurrent Core Therapy® each 15 minutes
BABAV   Frequency Specific Microcurrent Advanced Therapy® each 15 minutes
BABAW   NES ProVision® bio-energetic scan and interpretation each 30 minutes
BABAX   NES miHealth® bio-electrostimulation and/or PEMF device each 15 minutes
BABAY   Pulsed electro-magnetic frequency (PEMF) each 15 minutes
BABZZ   Undefined electrical or magnetic modalities narrative required
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