ABC Code Set

B - Multi-specialty therapies

section notes

BA - Physical therapies

section notes

BAD - Water therapies

section notes
BADAA   Contrast bath each bath
BADAD   Hubbard Tank each 15 minutes
BADAG   Whirlpool tub each bath
BADAI   Constitutional hydrotherapy with sine wave each 60 minutes
BADAJ   Constitutional hydrotherapy without sine wave each 15 minutes
BADAL   Epsom salt bath each bath
BADAO   Sitz bath each bath
BADAQ   Percussion hydrotherapy each 15 minutes
BADAR   Essential oil bath each bath
BADAS   Double Helix Water® nebulizer treatment each 5 minutes
BADAT   Aqua massage/hydro-bed each treatment
BADZZ   Undefined water therapy narrative required
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