ABC Code Set

C - Practice specialties

section notes

CB - Somatic education and massage

section notes

CBC - Energy work

section notes
CBCAA Energy integration each 15 minutes
CBCAB Therapeutic touch each 15 minutes
CBCAC Polarity therapy each 15 minutes
CBCAD Breath work each 15 minutes
CBCAE Healing Touch™ each 15 minutes
CBCAF Reiki each 15 minutes
CBCAG The Body Talk System™ each session
CBCAH Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine (TYLEM)™ basic each 30 minutes
CBCAI Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine (TYLEM)™ advanced each 30 minutes
CBCAJ Pranic Healing each 15 minutes
CBCAK Integral practice therapy each 15 minutes
CBCZZ Undefined energy work practice narrative required
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