ABC Code Set

C - Practice specialties

section notes

CD - Behavioral and/or mental health services

section notes

CDB - Behavioral testing, evaluation and interpretation

section notes
CDBAP Psychological testing brief assessment each 15 minutes
CDBAQ Psychological testing comprehensive assessment each 60 minutes
CDBAR Psychological assessment interpretation each 15 minutes
CDBAS Neuropsychological testing each 15 minutes
CDBAT Neuropsychological test interpretation each 60 minutes
CDBAU Psychiatric test and record evaluation each 15 minutes
CDBAV Activity therapy assessment each 15 minutes
CDBAW Functional behavior assessment each 15 minutes
CDBAY Coping skills assessment each 15 minutes
CDBAZ Psychological testing each 30 minutes
CDBZY Undefined mental health test and/or interpretation narrative required
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