ABC Code Set

C - Practice specialties

section notes

CE - Reproductive and/or childbirth services

section notes

CED - Postpartum

section notes
CEDAA Postpartum care in-office each 15 minutes
CEDAB Postpartum care out-of-office each 15 minutes
CEDAD Postpartum uterine bleeding reduction and stabilization initial 60 minutes
CEDAE Postpartum uterine bleeding reduction/stabilization each additional 15 minutes
CEDAF Postpartum perineal care each 15 minutes
CEDAH Lactation suppression each 15 minutes
CEDAI Lactation counseling individual each 15 minutes
CEDAJ Postpartum vaginal suturing each 15 minutes
CEDAK Postpartum doula services each 60 minutes
CEDAL Lactation counseling group each 60 minutes
CEDAM Post-delivery breast-feeding assistance each 15 minutes
CEDAN Breast-feeding education group each 60 minutes
CEDAO Breast-feeding education individual each 15 minutes
CEDZZ Undefined postpartum service narrative required
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