ABC Code Set

C - Practice specialties

section notes

CH - Indigenous healing practices

section notes

CHA - Ayurvedic medicine

section notes
CHAAA Ayurvedic consultation each 15 minutes
CHAAB Netra basti each 15 minutes
CHAAD Raktamoksha each 10 minutes
CHAAF Ayurvedic shaman moonlight each 10 minutes
CHAAG Ayurvedic shaman water each 10 minutes
CHAAI Ayurvedic shaman exercise each 10 minutes
CHAAJ Ayurvedic shaman fasting each 10 minutes
CHAAK Ayurvedic shaman digestive kindling each 10 minutes
CHAAL Shirodhara each 15 minutes
CHAAM Snehan each 30 minutes
CHAAN Swedan each 15 minutes
CHAAO Uttara basti each 10 minutes
CHAAP Vaman each 60 minutes
CHAAR Virechan each 15 minutes
CHAAS Anuvasana basti insertion and/or instruction each 15 minutes
CHAAT Bruhana basti insertion and/or instruction each 15 minutes
CHAAX Niruha basti insertion and/or instruction each 15 minutes
CHAAZ Bruhana nasya application and/or instruction each 15 minutes
CHABA Marshya nasya application and/or instruction each 15 minutes
CHABB Navaran nasya application and/or instruction each 15 minutes
CHABC Pradhamana nasya application and/or instruction each 15 minutes
CHABF Ayurvedic shaman fresh air each 15 minutes
CHABG Elakizhi each 15 minutes
CHABH Podikihi each 15 minutes
CHABI Njavarakizhi initial 30 minutes
CHABJ Njavarakizhi each additional 15 minutes
CHABK Chakravasthy each 30 minutes
CHABL Kashayavasthy initial 30 minutes
CHABM Kashayavasthy each additional 30 minutes
CHABN Naleeswedam each 15 minutes
CHABO Thalapothichil initial 30 minutes
CHABP Thalapothichil each additional 15 minutes
CHABQ Pizhichil initial 60 minutes
CHABR Pizhichil each additional 30 minutes
CHABS Vamanam initial 30 minutes
CHABT Vamanam each additional 15 minutes
CHABU Virechanam initial 30 minutes
CHABV Virechanam each additional 15 minutes
CHABW Jalookavacharanam each 45 minutes
CHABX Udwarthanam each 45 minutes
CHABY Gandoosham initial 20 minutes
CHABZ Gandoosham each additional 10 minutes
CHACA Thalam each 10 minutes
CHACB Snehavasthy each 15 minutes
CHACC Karnapoornam each 30 minutes
CHACD Dhanyamla dhara each 45 minutes
CHACE Abhyanga each 30 minutes
CHACF Siro abhyanga each 15 minutes
CHACG Pada abhyanga each 15 minutes
CHACH Sirovasthy each 15 minutes
CHACI Netra tarpanam each 30 minutes
CHACJ Kateevasthy each 30 minutes
CHACK Greeva vasthy each 30 minutes
CHACL Janu vasthy each 30 minutes
CHACM Hridvasthy each 30 minutes
CHACN Nasyam each 30 minutes
CHACO Ayurvedic hair treatment each 45 minutes
CHACP Ayurvedic herbal facial each 45 minutes
CHACQ Colon hydrotherapy insertion and/or instruction each 45 minutes
CHACR Ayurvedic back care each 30 minutes
CHACS Ayurvedic neck and shoulder massage each 30 minutes
CHAZZ Undefined Ayurvedic medicine narrative required
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