ABC Code Set

C - Practice specialties

section notes

CI - Spiritual/prayer-based healing

section notes

CIB - Spiritual nursing care

section notes
CIBAA Spiritual nurse caregiver support each 15 minutes
CIBAB Spiritual nurse partial bath assistance each 15 minutes
CIBAC Spiritual nurse skilled and/or supervisor assist ea. 15 min.
CIBAE Spiritual nurse skilled and/or supervisor care plan each 15 minutes
CIBAF Spiritual nurse communication assist each 15 minutes
CIBAH Spiritual nurse supervisor facility-incident report each 15 minutes
CIBAI Spiritual nurse diet modification and/or food preparation each 15 minutes
CIBAJ Spiritual nurse in-home care education each 15 minutes
CIBAK Spiritual nurse caregiver relief in-home each 60 minutes
CIBAL Spiritual nurse perineal management each 15 minutes
CIBAM Spiritual nurse mother and newborn care each 15 minutes
CIBAN Spiritual nurse one-to-one care each 15 minutes
CIBAO Spiritual nurse supervisor facility admission each 15 minutes
CIBAP Spiritual nurse care consultation each 15 minutes
CIBAQ Spiritual nurse supervisor facility discharge each 15 minutes
CIBAR Spiritual nurse rest facilitation each 15 minutes
CIBAS Spiritual nurse religious practice facilitation individual each 15 minutes
CIBAT Spiritual nurse religious practice facilitation group each 15 minutes
CIBAU Spiritual nurse orientation each 15 minutes
CIBAV Spiritual nurse reassurance each 15 minutes
CIBAX Spiritual nurse sudden need assessment and/or care each 15 minutes
CIBAY Recreational spiritual care individual each 15 minutes
CIBAZ Recreational spiritual care group each 15 minutes.
CIBBA Spiritual nurse respite care per 60 minutes
CIBBB Spiritual nurse respite care per diem
CIBBC Spiritual nurse maximum perineal care each 15 minutes
CIBBD Spiritual nurse extensive food modification and feeding each 15 minutes
CIBBE Spiritual nurse general mobility assistance each 15 minutes
CIBBF Spiritual nurse RNHCI room check each 15 minutes
CIBBG Spiritual nurse wound management each 15 minutes
CIBBH Spiritual nurse behavior guidance each 15 minutes
CIBZZ Undefined spiritual nursing care narrative required
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