ABC Code Set

D - Substance administration and laboratory

section notes

DD - Substance administration route

section notes

DDC - Tube or other device management

section notes
DDCAG   Drainage chest tube placement each placement
DDCAP   Gastrointestinal percutaneous enteral tube insertion each placement
DDCAQ   Gastrointestinal enteral tube removal each removal
DDCAU   Invasive hemodynamic line insertion each placement
DDCAW   Intrapleural tube insertion for substance administration each placement
DDCAX   Pediatric intraosseous medication administration each treatment
DDCAZ   Intrapleural tube insertion for drainage each placement
DDCBA   Intraspinal tube insertion for substance administration services each placement
DDCBH   Peripherally inserted central catheter each placement
DDCBJ   Invasive hemodynamic line removal each removal
DDCBM   Umbilical line tube insertion each placement
DDCBN   Urinary catheter insertion each placement
DDCBZ   Endotracheal tube removal each removal
DDCCB   Urinary catheter removal each removal
DDCCC   Endotracheal tube insertion each placement
DDCCD   Gastrointestinal naso-enteral tube insertion each placement
DDCCE   Gastrointestinal oro-enteral tube insertion each placement
DDCZY   Undefined substance administration management narrative required
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