ABC Code Set

D - Substance administration and laboratory

section notes

DH - Other imaging tests

section notes

DHC - Thermography

section notes
DHCAA   Telethermography upper body each service
DHCAB   Telethermography lower body each service
DHCAC   Liquid crystal thermography upper body each service
DHCAD   Liquid crystal thermography lower body each service
DHCAE   Liquid crystal thermography full body each service
DHCAG   Liquid crystal thermography breast examination each service
DHCAH   Liquid crystal thermography lower extremity vascular study each service
DHCAI   Liquid crystal thermography cervical-cranial study each service
DHCAJ   Telethermography cervical-cranial study each service
DHCAK   Telethermography lower extremity vascular study each service
DHCAL   Telethermography full body each service
DHCAM   Telethermography breast examination each service
DHCZZ   Undefined thermography narrative required
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