ABC Code Set

E - Supplies

section notes

EA - Health aids

section notes

EAA - Miscellaneous materials and/or supplies

section notes
EAAAA Abdominal binders and supports each item
EAAAC Ankle canvas splint each item
EAAAD Arm and shoulder immobilizer each item
EAAAE Back frame support each item
EAAAI Cervical exerciser home use each item
EAAAJ Cervical pillow therapeutic each item
EAAAK Cervical roll each item
EAAAL Colema board each item
EAAAN Cryotherapy cervical contour each item
EAAAO Cryotherapy home-use eye each item
EAAAP Cryotherapy home-use large each item
EAAAQ Cryotherapy home-use medium each item
EAAAR Cryotherapy home-use small each item
EAAAT Fomentel each item
EAAAU Hand grip exerciser home-use each item
EAAAV Holster arm sling each item
EAAAW Hot pack large each item
EAAAX Hot pack small each item
EAAAY Ice pack large each item
EAAAZ Obstetric delivery tray each item
EAABA Ice pack small each item
EAABB Knee brace each item
EAABC Knee cage brace each item
EAABD Motorized cervical traction unit home-use each item
EAABE Orthopedic back support cushion each item
EAABF Orthopedic elevator leg rest each item
EAABH Orthopedic lumbosacral support molded each item
EAABI Orthopedic pillow cervical spine small each item
EAABJ Orthopedic stabilizers pelvic each item
EAABK Orthopedic support knee each item
EAABL Orthopedic support wrist each item
EAABN Orthotics each item
EAABO Over-the-door cervical traction unit home-use each item
EAABP Over-the-door shoulder arm exerciser home-use each item
EAABQ Rib belt each item
EAABR Spinal muscle massager home-use each item
EAABS Stretch bands resistive each item
EAABU Tennis elbow support each item
EAABV Transcutaneous electrical neuro stimulator (TENS) home-use each item
EAABW Transcutaneous electrical neuro stimulator (TENS) replacement pads each item
EAABY Therapeutic exercise ball each item
EAABZ Moxa each item
EAACD Wrist brace palm splint each item
EAACE Orthotic insoles each item
EAACI Vaginal depletion packs each item
EAACJ Cupping suction devices each set
EAACL Ear pellets each set
EAACM Urine dip stick each item
EAACN Intravenous blood draw supplies each item
EAACO Hemoglobinometer each item
EAACP Cervical cap diaphragm each item
EAACQ Far infra-red heat lamp each item
EAACR Seven star Plum Blossom hammer needles each head
EAACS Ear cone bees wax each cone
EAACT Medicinal disinfected maggots each item
EAACU Magnetico™ sleep pad each item
EAACV Water birth tub each item
EAACW Compression wrap each item
EAACX Therapeutic putty finger wrist hand exerciser each item
EAACY Support wedge cushion each item
EAACZ Acupuncture needles disposable each item
EAADA Foam bandages each bandage
EAADB Mollelast bandages each bandage
EAADC Cellona bandages each bandage
EAAZZ Undefined miscellaneous material and/or supply narrative required
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