ABC Code Set

N - Nursing and communication interventions

section notes

NA - Nursing interventions

section notes

NAA - Nurse one-on-one patient care

section notes
NAAAO Urinary catheter care each 5 minutes
NAAAZ Fluid or electrolyte management each additional 15 minutes
NAABE Bladder irrigation each 15 minutes
NAABZ Fluid electrolyte and/or hydration management initial 60 minutes
NAAEA Hyperpyrexia care each occurrence
NAAEZ Malignant hyperthermia care per occurrence
NAAFZ Peripheral catheter care and fluid management per occurrence
NAAGN Pain management and control direct initial 60 minutes
NAAGO Pain management and control direct each additional 15 minutes
NAAHI Body pressure management each 15 minutes
NAAHJ Pressure ulcer management each 15 minutes
NAAIZ Arterial insufficiency care each 10 minutes
NAAJX Urinary elimination management each 5 minutes
NAAJZ Assistive device therapy each 15 minutes
NAAKE Vital signs monitoring and assessment each 10 minutes
NAAKZ Cataract care each 10 minutes
NAALB Colonic irrigation
NAALU Chemotherapy care each 15 minutes
NAALW Stage one pressure ulcer care each treatment
NAALX Pressure ulcer care stage 2 each treatment
NAALY Pressure ulcer care stage 3 each 10 minutes
NAALZ Pressure ulcer care stage 4 each 15 minutes
NAAMA Diabetic care each 10 minutes
NAAMB Edema control each 10 minutes
NAANA Hearing aid care each 5 minutes
NAAND Inhalation therapy each session
NAANE Intake and/or output management each 5 minutes
NAANF Medication side effects each assessment
NAANL Radiation therapy care each treatment day
NAANO Sexual assault crisis intervention initial 60 minutes
NAANP Sexual assault crisis intervention each additional 15 minutes
NAANQ Sexual assault history documentation initial 45 minutes
NAANR Sexual assault history documentation each additional 15 minutes
NAANS Sexual assault forensic evidence collection initial 60 minutes
NAANT Sexual assault forensic evidence collection each additional 15 minutes
NAANU Sexual assault injury management initial 60 minutes
NAANV Sexual assault injury management each additional 15 minutes
NAANY Sexual assault securing non-patient forensic evidence each 30 minutes
NAAOC Urinary catheter irrigation each 10 minutes
NAAOD Venous insufficiency management each 15 minutes
NAAOP Alcohol withdrawal treatment initial 60 minutes
NAAOQ Alcohol withdrawal treatment each additional 15 minutes
NAAOR Blood sugar management initial hour
NAAOS Blood sugar management each additional 15 minutes
NAAPI Home-environment management each 15 minutes
NAAPX Fracture management each 30 minutes
NAAQA Immobilizer management each 15 minutes
NAAQN Physical rehabilitation plan each 15 minutes
NAAQO Rehabilitation one-on-one each 15 minutes
NAARE Ostomy integrity care each 15 minutes
NAASB Venous catheter care each 5 minutes
NAATR Perineal care other than postpartum each 10 minutes
NAAUC Enteral tube irrigation per substance administration
NAAVL Blood pressure monitoring each recording
NAAVN Temperature monitoring each recording
NAAVQ Pulse monitoring each recording
NAAWE Ventilator care each 5 minutes
NAAWO Interpersonal dynamics each assessment
NAAWR Physical abuse surveillance each 15 minutes
NAAXD Patient safety management each 15 minutes
NAAXV Mental health care coordination each schedule
NAAXX Violence control each incident
NAAXY Violent behavior management each incident
NAAYA Patient comfort management each 15 minutes
NAAYF Cerumen removal each 10 minutes
NAAZL Tracheostomy care each 15 minutes
NAAZN Bed making occupied each 15 minutes
NAAZZ Other common intervention narrative required
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