ABC Code Set

N - Nursing and communication interventions

section notes

NA - Nursing interventions

section notes

NAB - Continuation of nurse one-on-one patient care

section notes
NABAM Patient cultural differences management
NABAO Compliance management each 15 minutes
NABAQ Fluid management each 5 minutes
NABAR Medication compliance management each 15 minutes
NABAS Patient safety precautions compliance each review
NABBF Care setting management each 15 minutes
NABBH Fall management each 15 minutes
NABBN Rectal care each 10 minutes
NABBU Wound care management each 15 minutes
NABBV Splint support each 15 minutes
NABCA Infection management each 5 minutes
NABCB Patient confusion management each 15 minutes
NABCD Reality orientation assistance individual each 15 minutes
NABCG Acceptable behavior management each 15 minutes
NABCM Dialysis access maintenance each 15 minutes
NABCO Bleeding control each 15 minutes
NABCS Laboratory report analysis each 15 minutes
NABCT Medication supervision each 15 minutes
NABCU Breathing management each 15 minutes
NABCZ Ostomy management each 15 minutes
NABDB Airway obstruction management each 15 minutes
NABDC Health assessment each separate report
NABDD Vaccination history each 15 minutes
NABDF Full bath assistance per bath
NABDG Full or partial bed bath stable patient each bath
NABDJ Glasses or contact care each 5 minutes
NABDK Dressing assistance each 5 minutes
NABDL Scalp or hair care each 5 minutes
NABDM Behavioral health modification each 5 minutes
NABDN Complex eye care each 15 minutes
NABDO Care plan review each 5 minutes
NABDP Home health supply ordering each 15 minutes
NABDQ Complex oral care each 15 minutes
NABDR Nail care each 15 minutes
NABDS Complex bed bath each 15 minutes
NABDU Bathing self-care per 15 minutes
NABDV Recreation therapy assistance individual each 15 minutes
NABDW Recreation therapy assistance group each 60 minutes
NABZY Undefined common nursing intervention narrative required
NABZZ Undefined nursing patient care management
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