ABC Code Set

E - Supplies

section notes

EC - Solutions

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ECB - Miscellaneous solutions

section notes
ECBAA   A-Acetylcysteine each cc
ECBAB   Adrenal cortical extract
ECBAD   Aredia each cc
ECBAE   Calcium bersonate and additives each cc
ECBAF   Calcium magnesium each cc
ECBAG   Chromium each cc
ECBAH   CMBZM each cc
ECBAI   Copper each cc
ECBAJ   Deferoximine mesylate each cc
ECBAK   Dimeracaprol 1% procaine each cc
ECBAL   EDTA per 3 grams
ECBAM   Folic acid each cc
ECBAN   Germanium each cc
ECBAO   Glutathione each cc
ECBAP   Heparin each cc
ECBAQ   Hepatitis A vaccine each cc
ECBAR   Hepatitis B vaccine each cc
ECBAS   Hydrochloric acid each cc
ECBAT   Hydrocortisone with additives each cc
ECBAU   Hydrogen peroxide each cc
ECBAV   Hydrogen peroxide with additives each cc
ECBAW   Kutapressin each cc
ECBAX   Laetrile each cc
ECBAY   Lasix each cc
ECBAZ   Methergine® each cc
ECBBA   Magnesium each cc
ECBBB   Manganese each cc
ECBBC   Mineral build up each cc
ECBBD   Molybdenum iodide each cc
ECBBE   Ozone each cc
ECBBF   Potassium each cc
ECBBG   Saline each cc
ECBBH   Selenium each cc
ECBBI   Sodium bicarbonate each cc
ECBBK   Sterile water each cc
ECBBM   Trace minerals 7 each cc
ECBBN   Tri-ox each cc
ECBBO   Vitamin B complex each cc
ECBBP   Vitamin B 12 each cc
ECBBQ   Vitamin B 5 each cc
ECBBR   Vitamin B 6 each cc
ECBBS   Vitamin C each cc
ECBBT   Zinc each cc
ECBBU   Oxytocin each cc
ECBBV   RhoGam each cc
ECBBW   Vitamin K each cc
ECBBX   Xylocaine each cc
ECBBY   Sarapin each cc
ECBZZ   Undefined miscellaneous solution narrative required
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