ABC Code Set

G - Herbs and natural substances

section notes

GB - Western

section notes

GBE - Western herbs and natural substances beginning with letter E

section notes
GBEAA Echinacea angustifolia / purple coneflower / black sampson
GBEAB Epigaea repens / mayflower / trailing arbutus
GBEAC Equisetum arvense / horsetail
GBEAD Erechthites hieracifolia / pile wort
GBEAE Eriodictyon californicum / yerba santa leaf
GBEAF Eryngium aquaticum / button snakeroot
GBEAG Erythronium americanum / adders tongue
GBEAH Eucalyptus globulus / eucalyptus leaf
GBEAI Euonymus atropurpureus / burning bush / wahoo
GBEAJ Eupatorium perfoliatum / boneset / thoroughwort
GBEAK Eupatorium purpureum / gravel root / gravelroot
GBEZZ Undefined Western herb and natural substance letter E narrative required
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