ABC Code Set

G - Herbs and natural substances

section notes

GB - Western

section notes

GBH - Western herbs and natural substances beginning with letter H

section notes
GBHAA Hamamelis virginiana / snapping hazelnut / spotted alder / winter bloom / witch hazel
GBHAB Hedeoma pulegioides / American pennyroyal / squaw mint
GBHAC Helianthemum canadense / frost plant / frost weed / rock rose
GBHAD Helianthus annuus / sunflower
GBHAE Hepatica americana / liver leaf / noble liver wort
GBHAF Heuchera americana / alumroot
GBHAG Hordeum vulgare / barley grass
GBHAH Humulus lupulus / common hop
GBHAI Hydrangea arborescens / seven barks / wild hydrangea
GBHAJ Hydrastis canadensis / goldenseal
GBHAK Hyoscyamus niger / henbane herb
GBHAL Hypericum perforatum / Saint Johns wort herb
GBHAM Hyssopus officinalis / hyssop leaf
GBHZZ Undefined Western herb and natural substance letter H narrative required
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