ABC Code Set

G - Herbs and natural substances

section notes

GB - Western

section notes

GBM - Western herbs and natural substances beginning with letter M

section notes
GBMAA Magnolia virginiana / beaver tree / white bay
GBMAB Malva sylvestris / common mallow
GBMAC Marrubium vulgare / horehound herb
GBMAD Matricaria recutita / Roman camomile
GBMAE Medicago sativa / alfalfa leaf
GBMAF Menispermum canadense / moon seed / vine maple
GBMAG Mentha piperita / peppermint leaf
GBMAH Mitchella repens / partridge berry / squaw vine
GBMAI Monotropa uniflora / fit plant / ice plant
GBMAJ Myrica cerifera / bayberry bark
GBMZZ Undefined Western herb and natural substance letter M narrative required
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