ABC Code Set

G - Herbs and natural substances

section notes

GB - Western

section notes

GBP - Western herbs and natural substances beginning with letter P

section notes
GBPAA Panax quinquefolius / North American ginseng
GBPAB Passiflora incarnata / maypops / passionflower
GBPAC Persicaria maculata / dead arssmare
GBPAD Petroselinum sativum / parsley
GBPAE Phytolacca decandra / pokeroot / pokeweed
GBPAF Pinus strobus / white pine
GBPAG Plantago major / plantain / common plantain
GBPAH Podophyllum peltatum / mandrake root
GBPAI Polygala senega / rattlesnakeroot
GBPAJ Polygonatum commutatum / dropberry / sealwort
GBPAK Polygonum hydropiper / smartweed / water pepper
GBPAL Polygonum punctatum / American water smartweed
GBPAM Polymnia uvedalia / balsam resin / leafcup
GBPAN Polypodium vulgare / polypody
GBPAO Polytrichum juniperium / ground moss / robins eye
GBPAP Populus balsamifera / balsam poplar
GBPAQ Populus tremuloides / American aspen bark
GBPAR Potentilla tormentilla / bloodroot
GBPAS Primula officinalis / paigles / palsywort
GBPAT Prinos verticillatus / American black alder
GBPAU Prunus virginiana / choke cherry / wild black cherry
GBPAV Ptelea trifoliata / hop tree / wafer ash
GBPAW Pulmonaria officinalis / lungwort
GBPAY Pyrola rotundifolia / false wintergreen / shin leaf
GBPZZ Undefined Western herb and natural substance letter P narrative required
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