ABC Code Set

G - Herbs and natural substances

section notes

GB - Western

section notes

GBS - Western herbs and natural substances beginning with letter S

section notes
GBSAA Sabbatia angularis / bitter bloom / bitter clover / rose pink
GBSAB Salix nigra / black willow bark
GBSAC Salvia officinalis / common sage
GBSAD Sambucus canadensis / elderberry
GBSAE Sanguinaria canadensis / bloodroot / red puccoon
GBSAF Sanicula marilandica / black snakeroot / poolroot
GBSAG Scutellaria lateriflora / Virginia skullcap
GBSAH Senecio aureus / golden ragwort / liferoot / squaw weed
GBSAI Serenoa serrulata / saw palmetto
GBSAJ Silphium perfoliatum / Indian cup plant / Indian gum
GBSAK Solanum dulcamara / bittersweet / deadly nightshade
GBSAL Solanum nigrum / black nightshade / common nightshade
GBSAM Solidago canadensis / Canada goldenrod
GBSAN Spigelia marilandica / Indian pink / pinkroot
GBSAO Stellaria media / chickweed / adders mouth
GBSAP Stillingia sylvatica / queens root
GBSAQ Stigmata maydis / Indian corn / jugnog / sea mays
GBSAR Symphytum officinale / comfrey leaf / comfrey root
GBSAS Symplocarpus foetidus / skunk cabbage
GBSZZ Undefined Western herb and natural substance letter S narrative required
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