ABC Code Set

G - Herbs and natural substances

section notes

GB - Western

section notes

GBT - Western herbs and natural substances beginning with letter T

section notes
GBTAA Tanacetum vulgare / tansey herb
GBTAB Terebinthine canadesis / Christmas tree
GBTAC Thuja occidentalis / Eastern arbor vitae
GBTAD Thymus vulgaris / common thyme
GBTAE Tilia cordata / small leafed linden
GBTAF Trifolium pratense / red clover blossom
GBTAG Trillium edectum / birth root / wake robin
GBTAH Turnera aphrodisiaca / damiana leaf
GBTAI Tussilago farfara / coltsfoot leaf
GBTAJ Trillium pendulum / beth root
GBTAK Tanacetum parthenium / feverfew
GBTZZ Undefined Western herb and natural substance letter T narrative required
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