ABC Code Set

G - Herbs and natural substances

section notes

GB - Western

section notes

GBV - Western herbs and natural substances beginning with letter V

section notes
GBVAA Vaccinium myrtillus / bilberry leaf
GBVAB Valerian officinalis / common valerian / garden heliotrope
GBVAC Veratrum viride / hellebore / Indian poke / itch weed
GBVAD Verbascum blattaria / verbascum flower
GBVAE Verbena hastata / blue vervain herb
GBVAF Vernonia noveboracenis / iron weed
GBVAG Viburnum opulus / crampbark
GBVAH Viburnum prunifolium / black haw / stagbush
GBVAI Viola odorata / sweet violet / English violet
GBVAJ Vitis quinquefolia / Virginia creeper / woodbine
GBVAK Verbascum thapsus / great mullein / Adams flannel
GBVZZ Undefined Western herb and natural substance letter V narrative required
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