ABC Code Set

H - Remedies

section notes

HA - Homeopathic remedies

section notes

HAN - Homeopathic remedies beginning with letter N

section notes
HANAA Nabalus serpentaria / white lettuce
HANAB Naja atra / cytotoxin 3 / Chinese cobra venom
HANAC Naphthaline / tar camphor
HANAD Narcissus pseudonarcissus / yellow daffodil
HANAE Narcotinum / alkaloid of opium
HANAG Natrium arsenicosum / arseniate of sodium
HANAH Natrium cacodylicum / cacodylate of soda
HANAI Natrium carbonicum / carbonate of sodium
HANAJ Natrium fluoratum / sodium fluoride
HANAK Natrium hypochlorosum / Labarraques solution
HANAL Natrium iodatum / sodium iodide
HANAM Natrium lacticum / sodium lactate
HANAN Natrium muriaticum / common salt
HANAO Natrium nitricum / nitrate of sodium / cubic nitre
HANAP Natrium nitrosum / nitrate of sodium / trituration
HANAQ Natrium phosphoricum / phosphate of sodium
HANAR Natrium salicylicum / salicylate of sodium
HANAS Natrium selenicum / selenate of sodium
HANAT Natrium silicofluoricum / sulphate of sodium
HANAU Natrium sulphuricum / sulphate of sodium / Glauber salt
HANAV Natrium sulphurosum / sulphite of sodium
HANAW Nectrianinum / nosode of tree cancer
HANAY Nepenthes distillatoria / pitcher plant
HANAZ Nerium oleander / rose bay
HANBA Niccolum metallicum / nickel
HANBB Niccolum sulphuricum / sulphate of nickel
HANBC Nicotinum / nicotine
HANBD Nigella sativa / black cumin
HANBE Nitri spiritus dulcis / sweet spirits of nitre
HANBG Nitro muriatic acid
HANBH Nitrogenium oxygenatum / nitrous oxide
HANBI Nuphar luteum / yellow pond lily
HANBJ Nux moschata / nutmeg
HANBK Nux vomica / poison nut
HANBL Nyctanthes arbortristis / sad tree / parijat
HANBM Nymphea odorata / sweet water lily
HANBN Nicotiana tabacum / tobacco
HANBO Naja tripudians
HANBP Nuphar luteum
HANZZ Unlisted homeopathic remedy beginning with letter N narrative required
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