ABC Code Set

H - Remedies

section notes

HA - Homeopathic remedies

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HAO - Homeopathic remedies beginning with letter O

section notes
HAOAA   Ocimum canum / Brazilian alfavaca
HAOAB   Oenanthe aquatica / water dropwart
HAOAC   Oenothera biennis / large evening primrose
HAOAE   Oleum animale / Dippels animal oil
HAOAF   Oleum jecoris aselli / cod liver oil
HAOAG   Oniscus asellus / wood louse
HAOAH   Ononis spinosa / rest harrow
HAOAI   Onosmodium molle / false gromwell
HAOAJ   Operculina turpenthium / nishope
HAOAL   Opuntia vulgaris / prickly pear
HAOAM   Orchitinum / testes extract
HAOAN   Oreodaphne californica / umbellularia californica / California Laurel
HAOAO   Origanum majorana / marjoram
HAOAP   Ornithogalum umbellatum / Star of Bethlehem
HAOAR   Osmium metallicum / osmium
HAOAS   Osteo arthritic nosode / synovial fluid of arthritic joints
HAOAT   Ostrya virginica / ironwood
HAOAU   Oophorinum / potentised ovary gland
HAOAV   Ovi gallinae pellicula / membrane of egg shell
HAOAW   Oxalicum acidum / oxalic acid / sorrel acid
HAOAX   Oxydendron arboreum / sorrel tree / sourwood
HAOAY   Oxygenium / oxygen / ozone
HAOAZ   Oleum wittnebianum / cajuputum / cajuput oil
HAOBA   Oxytropis lambertii / Lambert loco weed
HAOBB   Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
HAOZZ   Unlisted homeopathic remedy beginning with letter O narrative required
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