ABC Code Set

H - Remedies

section notes

HA - Homeopathic remedies

section notes

HAZ - Homeopathic remedies beginning with letter Z

section notes
HAZAA Zea italica / corn silk
HAZAB Zincum chromatum / chromate of zinc
HAZAC Zincum cyanatum / cyanide of zinc
HAZAD Zincum iodatum / iodide of zinc
HAZAE Zincum muriaticum / chloride of zinc
HAZAF Zincum oxydatum / oxide of zinc
HAZAG Zincum phosphoricum / phosphide of zinc
HAZAH Zincum picricum / picrate of zinc
HAZAI Zincum sulphuricum / sulphate of zinc
HAZAJ Zincum valerianum / valerinate of zinc
HAZAK Zingiber officinale / ginger
HAZAL Zizia aurea / meadow parsnip
HAZAM Zincum aceticum / acetate of zinc
HAZAN Zincum arsenicosum / zinc arsenate
HAZAO Zincum bromatum / zinc bromide
HAZAP Zincum metallicum / zinc
HAZZZ Unlisted homeopathic remedy beginning with letter Z narrative required
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