Ambulatory Payment Classifications

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Drugs and Biologicals (Excluding Cancer/Chemotherapy)

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Hemophilia Products

section notes
0925 Factor viii
0927 Factor viii recombinant
0928 Factor ix complex
0931 Factor IX non-recombinant
0932 Factor ix recombinant nos
1213 Antihemophilic viii/vwf comp
1416 Factor xiii anti-hem factor
1467 Factor ix recombinan rixubis
1486 Factor ix fc fusion recomb
1656 Factor viii fc fusion recomb
1705 Factor viia recomb novoseven
1746 Factor xiii recomb a-subunit
1827 Factor viii recomb obizur
1844 Factor viii pegylated recomb
1846 Factor viii nuwiq recomb 1iu
1856 Factor viii recomb novoeight
1857 Inj, factor x, (human), 1iu
9171 Factor ix idelvion inj
9395 Factor viia recomb sevenfact
9468 Factor ix recomb gly rebinyn
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