CPT® Code Modifiers

Level I - CPT Modifiers

section notes
22 Increased Procedural Services
23 Unusual Anesthesia
24 Unrelated E&M Same Physician PostOp
25 Significant, Separately Identifiable E&M Same Phy & Day
26 Professional Component
27 Multiple Outpatient Hospital E/M Same Date
32 Mandated Services
33 Preventive Services
47 Anesthesia by Surgeon
50 Bilateral Procedure
51 Multiple Procedures
52 Reduced Services
53 Discontinued Procedure
54 Surgical Care Only
55 Postoperative Management Only
56 Preoperative Management Only
57 Decision for Surgery
58 Staged/Related Proc/Srvc Same Phy PostOp
59 Distinct Procedural Service
62 Two Surgeons
63 Procedure Performed on Infants less than 4 kg
66 Surgical Team
73 Discont. OutPat Hosp/ACS Prior to Anesthesia
74 Discont. OutPat Hosp/ACS After Anesthesia
76 Repeat Procedure or Service by Same Physician
77 Repeat Procedure by Another Physician
78 Unplanned Return to OR Same Phy PostOp
79 Unrelated Proc by Same Phy PostOp
80 Assistant Surgeon
81 Minimum Assistant Surgeon
82 Assistant Surgeon (when qual resident surgeon NA)
90 Reference (Outside) Laboratory
91 Repeat Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Test
92 Alternative Laboratory Platform Testing
95 Synchronous Telemedicine Service Rendered Via a Real-Time Interactive Audio and Video Telecommunicat
96 Habilitative Services
97 Rehabilitative Services
99 Multiple Modifiers
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