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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Medical And Surgical Supplies

section notes

Miscellaneous Supplies

section notes
A4450 Non-waterproof tape
A4452 Waterproof tape
A4455 Adhesive remover per ounce
A4456 Adhesive remover, wipes
A4458 Reusable enema bag
A4459 Manual pump enema, reusable
A4461 Surgicl dress hold non-reuse
A4463 Surgical dress holder reuse
A4465 Non-elastic extremity binder
A4467 Belt strap sleev grmnt cover
A4470 Gravlee jet washer
A4480 Vabra aspirator
A4481 Tracheostoma filter
A4483 Moisture exchanger
A4490 Above knee surgical stocking
A4495 Thigh length surg stocking
A4500 Below knee surgical stocking
A4510 Full length surg stocking
A4520 Incontinence garment anytype
A4550 Surgical trays
A4554 Disposable underpads
A4555 Ca tx e-stim electr/transduc
A4556 Electrodes, pair
A4557 Lead wires, pair
A4558 Conductive gel or paste
A4559 Coupling gel or paste
A4561 Pessary rubber, any type
A4562 Pessary, non rubber,any type
A4565 Slings
A4566 Should sling/vest/abrestrain
A4570 Splint
A4575 Hyperbaric o2 chamber disps
A4580 Cast supplies (plaster)
A4590 Special casting material
A4595 Tens suppl 2 lead per month
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