HCPCS Ambulance Modifiers

Origin and Destination Modifiers

section notes

Residential, domiciliary, custodial facility (other than 1819 facility)

section notes
ED Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to a Diagnostic/therapeutic site other than P/H
EE Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to another Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac.
EG Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to a Hospital-based Dialysis Facility
EH Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to a Hospital
EI Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to a Site of ambulance transport modes transfer
EJ Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to a Non-Hospital-based Dialysis facility
EN Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
EP Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to a Physician's office
ER Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to a Residence
ES Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to a Scene of Accident/Acute Event
EX Residential/Domiciliary/Custodial fac. to an Intermediate Stop at Physician's Office
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