MG30.21 Chronic postsurgical pain

International Classification of Diseases for Mortality and Morbidity Statistics, 11th Revision, v2020-09

Chronic postsurgical pain is chronic pain developing or increasing in intensity after a surgical procedure and persisting beyond the healing process, i.e. at least 3 months after surgery. The pain is either localised to the surgical field, projected to the innervation territory of a nerve situated in this area, or referred to a dermatome (after surgery/injury to deep somatic or visceral tissues). Other causes of pain including infection, malignancy etc. need to be excluded as well as pain continuing from a pre-existing pain problem. Dependent on type of surgery, chronic postsurgical pain often may be neuropathic pain.

coding note

The postsurgical aetiology of the pain should be highly probable; if it is vague, consider using codes in the section of chronic primary pain.


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