DILAUDID  - NDC drug/product

NDCs and labelers of "DILAUDID":

NDCTrade NameLabeler Name
55154-1610DilaudidCardinal Health
76045-0009DilaudidFresenius Kabi USA, LLC
76045-0010DilaudidFresenius Kabi USA, LLC
76045-0011DILAUDIDFresenius Kabi USA, LLC
76045-0121DilaudidFresenius Kabi USA, LLC
35356-0514DilaudidLake Erie Medical & Surgical Supply DBA Quality Care Products LLC
35356-0007DILAUDIDLake Erie Medical DBA Quality Care Products LLC
65084-0440DILAUDIDMckesson Rxpak Inc
54868-2413DilaudidPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
54868-2905DilaudidPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
54868-4147DilaudidPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
59011-0441DILAUDIDPurdue Pharma LP
59011-0442DILAUDIDPurdue Pharma LP
59011-0444DILAUDIDPurdue Pharma LP
59011-0451DILAUDIDPurdue Pharma LP
59011-0452DILAUDIDPurdue Pharma LP
59011-0454DILAUDIDPurdue Pharma LP
59011-0458DILAUDIDPurdue Pharma LP
42858-0122DilaudidRhodes Pharmaceuticals L.P.
42858-0234DilaudidRhodes Pharmaceuticals L.P.
42858-0338DilaudidRhodes Pharmaceuticals L.P.
42858-0416DilaudidRhodes Pharmaceuticals L.P.
70399-0102DILAUDIDV1 Pharma Llc
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