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NDCTrade NameLabeler Name
65084-0880Acetaminophen 325mg RSMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0462ALBENZAMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0477Amiodarone hydrochlorideMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0463AtivanMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0474CanasaMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0108Carbidopa and LevodopaMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0107Carbidopa and LevodopaMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0440DILAUDIDMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0123DonnatalMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0450Donnatal ExtentabsRxPak Division of McKesson Corporation
65084-0135DYAZIDEMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0645FamotidineMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0454FioricetMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0126Hydralazine HydrochlorideMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0127Hydralazine HydrochlorideMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0444HYDROCODONE BITARTRATE AND ACETAMINOPHENRx Pak Division of McKesson Corporation
65084-0453Hydrocodone Bitatrate and AcetaminophenMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0457KeppraMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0458KeppraMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0459KeppraMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0460Keppra XRMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0461Keppra XRMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0308KlonopinMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0309KlonopinMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0464KLOR-CONMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0465KLOR-CONMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0179LamotrigineMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0455LANOXINMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0441LorazepamMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0442LorazepamMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0443LorazepamMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0266Lorcet 10/650Rx Pak Division of McKesson Corporation
65084-0267Lorcet PlusRx Pak Division of McKesson Corporation
65084-0283LortabRx Pak Division of McKesson Corporation
65084-0285LortabRx Pak Division of McKesson Corporation
65084-0287LortabRx Pak Division of McKesson Corporation
65084-0472Lortab 10/325RxPak Division of McKesson Corp.
65084-0470Lortab 5/325RxPak Division of McKesson Corp.
65084-0471Lortab 7.5/325RxPak Division of McKesson Corp.
65084-0555LOW DOSE ASPIRINMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0466Metadate CDMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0467Metadate CDMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0468Metadate CDMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0469Metadate CDMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0475MirtazapineMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0476MirtazapineMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0288NorcoMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0445OmeprazoleMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0333OndansetronMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0456PaceroneMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0888ParoxetineMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0963ParoxetineMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0298PERCOCETMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0192PhenobarbitalMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0294PhenobarbitalMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0649pravastatin sodiumMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0999Pyridostigmine BromideMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0269Tamoxifen CitrateMcKesson Corporation dba RX Pak
65084-0312ValiumMckesson Rxpak Inc
65084-0313ValiumMckesson Rxpak Inc
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