Pacerone  - NDC drug/product

NDCs and labelers of "Pacerone":

NDCTrade NameLabeler Name
67544-0570PaceroneAphena Pharma Solutions - Tennessee, LLC
69189-1147PaceroneAvera McKennan Hospital
55154-5606PaceroneCardinal Health
65084-0456PaceroneMckesson Rxpak Inc
54868-5186PACERONEPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
00245-0144PaceroneUpsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC
00245-0145PaceroneUpsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC
00245-0147PaceroneUpsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC
00245-1645PaceroneUpsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC
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