AHA Coding Clinic® for HCPCS - 2016 Issue 1; Ask the Editor

Nerve wrapping

Patient presents with a laceration to the left palm with nerve injuries and loss of sensation to the hand involving the area of the ulnar nerve. The area of the laceration was extended and some of the injured nerves were dissected, cleaned and trimmed. The injured nerve was reapproximated utilizing 8-0 and 9-0 sutures. An AxoGen nerve wrap was cut to size for the arterial branches and wrapped around the nerve repair and sutured in place. If a patient has a digital nerve laceration repaired with sutures and then they wrap it with an Axogen nerve wrap, is an additional code assigned for the nerve wrapping or is it considered integral with the neurorrhaphy code? Would CPT code 64999 be separately assigned for the nerve wrapping? ...

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