AMA CPT® Assistant - 2007 Issue 3 (March)

Anesthesia: Spine and Spinal Cord (March 2007)

March 2007 page 9a Coding Communication:Anesthesia: Spine and Spinal Cord Question The new anesthesia codes for CPT 2007, 00625 and 00626 describe anesthesia for procedures performed on the thoracic spine and cord as do 00620 and 00622. What is the difference in what the new codes capture? AMA Comment Previously, codes used to identify anesthesia procedures performed for the thoracic spine did not take into account the additional factors involved when the thoracic cavity is invaded via an anterior thoracic approach. Codes 00625, Anesthesia for procedures on the thoracic spine and cord, via an anterior transthoracic approach; not utilizing...

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