AMA CPT® Assistant - 2001 Issue 1 (January)

Breast Biopsy Procedures (January 2001)

January 2001 pages 8-10 Coding Communication Breast Biopsy Procedures In CPT 2001, the breast biopsy codes have been revised to identify and differentiate between the procedural techniques involved (percutaneous [19100 versus open [19101] procedures). The new code revisions and additions are intended to differentiate those procedures where image guidance (19102, 19103) is required versus nonimaging guided (19100) procedures. In concert with these changes, the correlating stereotactic guidance, mammographic guidance, computerized tomographic guidance, and magnetic resonance (MR) guidance radiology codes have also been revised to more accurately depict current clinical practice associated with breast biopsy/excisional techniques. Breast Excision 19100Biopsy of...

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