AMA CPT® Assistant - 1998 Issue 1 (January)

Cardiovascular, 37202, 92980, 93501 (Q&A) (January 1998)

January 1998 page 11e Coding Consultation Cardiovascular, 37202, 92980, 93501 (Q&A) Question Frequently intracoronary injections/infusions (eg, nitrates, calcium channel blockers) are performed during a cardiac catheterization procedure. Should we code 37202 once for each medication infused or once per session? AMA Comment Code 37202 was first intended and developed to describe prolonged infusions into peripheral arteries. Transcatheter infusion/injection of intracoronary drugs (eg, nitrates, calcium channel blockers) during cardiac catheterization procedures have become routine and are considered an integral part of both the diagnostic catheterization codes (93501-93556) and the coronary intervention codes (92980-92996). Cardiologists may, however, report code 37202...

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