AMA CPT® Assistant - 2000 Issue 7 (July)

Cardiovascular System (July 2000)

July 2000 page 11-end Coding Consultation Cardiovascular System, 36520, 36521, 38231 (Q&A) Question What is the proper CPT code to use when coding for apheresis? AMA Comment Therapeutic apheresis (plasma and/or cell exchange), may be reported using code 36520 or 36521 (with extracorporeal affinity column adsorption and plasma reinfusion). CPT codes 36520 and 36521 would also be used to report apheresis procedures related to the management of diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and red blood cell exchange (erythrocytapheresis) in sickle cell disease. In addition, code 36520 may be reported for plasma apheresis (plasmapheresis), as in the management of...

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