AMA CPT® Assistant - 2005 Issue 5 (May)

Cardiovascular System/Surgery (May 2005)

May 2005 page 13 Coding Consultation:Questions and Answers Cardiovascular System/Surgery, 36568, 36569, 00063 (Q&A) CPT has received requests for an expanded discussion with regard to the October 2004 Question and Answer on Midline Catheters. The following is provided to clarify. Question How do you code for a "midline catheter" (similar to a PICC line) when it terminates in the subclavian vein? AMA Comment A central venous access (CVA) device is described in the CPT codebook as a catheter or device terminating in the subclavian, innominate, or iliac vein; the superior or inferior vena cava; or the right atrium...

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