AMA CPT® Assistant - 1996 Issue 7 (July)

Cardiovascular System, 33208, 33216, 33217 (Q&A) (July 1996)

July 1996 page 10d Coding Consultation Cardiovascular System, 33208, 33216, 33217 (Q&A) Question Eight days following the insertion of a permanent pacemaker with transvenous atrial and ventricular leads (reported with CPT code 33208) the patient's ventricular lead requires repositioning. How do I report the repositioning? AMA Comment According to the guidelines on page 135 of CPT 1996, the codes for pacemaker or defibrillator procedures include repositioning or replacement in the first 14 days after the insertion (or replacement) of the device. Therefore, the repositioning of the ventricular lead eight days after the insertion would not be reported separately...

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