AMA CPT® Assistant - 2002 Issue 4 (April)

Category III Codes (April 2002)

April 2002 page 19 Coding Consultation Category III Codes, 58563, 58353, 0009T (Q&A) Question I am trying to find a code for endometrial cryoablation using ultrasound guidance. Code 58563 seems to describe the procedure, except that the cryoablation is not performed using a hysteroscope. Should code 58353 be used, since it states "without hysteroscopic guidance" in the descriptor? AMA Comment Code 58353, Endometrial ablation, thermal, without hysteroscopic guidance, describes a different method of endometrial ablation than cyroablation using ultrasound guidance. This procedure should be reported using the Category III code 0009T, Endometrial cryoablation with ultrasonic guidance. Category III...

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