AMA CPT® Assistant - 2005 Issue 5 (May)

Category III Updates (May 2005)

May 2005 pages 7-12 Coding Communication:Category III Updates A number of Category III codes were added for CPT 2005. This article discusses only a subset of these codes: 0073T, 0074T, 0075T- 0076T, 0078T-0081T, 0082T-0083T, 0084T, 0085T, 0086T, 0087T, and 0088T. The March 2005 CPT Assistant first opened the discussion on Category III updates and features additional information on other Category III code changes that occurred in CPT 2005. Compensator-based Beam Modulation A new Category III code was developed to describe compensator-based modulation treatment delivery. This technique is clinically different than the existing techniques used in radiotherapy. The delivery of...

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