AMA CPT® Assistant - 1997 Issue 3 (March)

Close-up look at the New Fracture Debridement Codes (March 1997)

March 1997 pages 1-3 Close-up look at the New Fracture Debridement Codes In 1993, all open fracture codes in CPT were deleted. In short, the codes that existed before 1993 identified the type of fracture treated and not the type of treatment. At that time, the debridement codes in the Integumentary section of CPT (codes 11040-11044) were the only codes available to physicians to represent their services. Historically these codes were used to report lesser debridement procedures, including stasis ulcers, superficial infected wounds, avascular tissue, gangrene, and other conditions. These codes did not adequately describe debridement of more extensive...

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