AMA CPT® Assistant - 2010 Issue 6 (June)

Coding Communication: Paravaginal Defect Repair (June 2010)

June 2010 pages 6-7 Coding Communication: Paravaginal Defect Repair Since the publication of the article, “Coding Paravaginal Defect Repair” in the January 1997 CPT Assistant, a new code was added in the CPT code sets to describe the paravaginal defect repair procedure, and the existing code 57284 was revised to reflect current clinical practice. This article provides an update to the 1997 article on coding for paravaginal defect repair. What is a Paravaginal Defect? Paravaginal defects of the midvaginal segment often result in cystocele formation. If the paravaginal defect extends along the entire length of the vaginal canal...

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