AMA CPT® Assistant - 2011 Issue 9 (September)

Coding Consultation: Nervous System (Codes 61885, 61888) (September 2011)

Septempber 2011 page 8 Coding Consultation: Nervous System (Codes 61885, 61888) Subsequent to our February 2011 article that discussed the new peripheral (eg, vagus nerve) neurostimulator codes 64566-64570, we received questions related to the use of the corresponding cranial/peripheral neurostimulator pulse generator codes 61885-61888 in conjunction with codes 64566-64570 as well as questions about the coding for the removal and replacement of the pulse generator. Because codes 61885, 61886, and 61888 are reported irrespective of the anatomic placement of the electrode(s)—deep in the brain (intracranial) or along the pathway of a cranial nerve (peripherally)—the intent and use of these...

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