AMA CPT® Assistant - 1996 Issue 5 (May)

Coding Musculoskeletal Injuries (May 1996)

May 1996 pages 6-8 Case-by-Case Coding Musculoskeletal Injuries Reporting procedural interventions associated with musculoskeletal injuries poses interesting coding challenges. To report simple and complex musculoskeletal procedures, performed singularly or serially, it is necessary to clarify the following:     the types of injury(s);     the types of fracture or joint injury treatment;     the exploration and debridement;     the surrounding anatomic structures involved; and     the use of associated modifiers. Open vs. Closed Fracture Types According to the Musculoskeletal System guidelines on page 73 of CPT 1996, "The type of fracture (eg, open, compound, closed) does not have any coding correlation with the type of...

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